Friday, June 29, 2007

Yura Yura Teikoku - Became a Star
ゆらゆら帝国 - 星になれた

Without warning, I found myself overflowing with tears.
Evening... I absolutely did not want to see it.
Suddenly, words became powerless . A falling star cut a line through the night sky.

Those who grew wings already flew away a long time ago.
Became a star. Beautiful. Never to be touched again.
But even now, it's as if they are brushing their wings nearby.

Suddenly, my heart gained buoyancy. A single falling star vanished.

If she had wings, I guess she would already have gone chasing after it.
Became a beautiful star. Today, it's as though she is lost to me.
But even now, nearby, she is brushing her wings.

偶然こぼれた 涙を見てしまった 夕べ 見たくはなかった
急に 言葉が 無力になってしまった 流星ひとすじ 夜空に

羽が生えた 人達は とうに飛び立ってしまった
星になれた 綺麗な もう 触れはしないような
だけど今 側で 羽を磨いてるような

急に心が 浮力を持ってしまった 流星 ひとつ消えた

羽があれば 彼女は とうに追いかていただろう
星になれた 綺麗な 今日は見当たらないような
だけど今も 側で 羽を磨いてるような

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Sachiko said...

Hi !! Thank you for translate Yura Yura Tikoku songs! Now I understand what they sing !!!
Can you translate "Botan Ga Hitotsu" please?! I ask you this beacause I think you're the one who can do it!
sorry for my english, I'm french.
thank you again.