Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yura Yura Teikoku - Bones

She decided. She took an honest vow.
From today onward she would shut down,
and never grow old.
In the white light, no matter what she did
She kept her ears open, and simply existed there,

listening to that record she loved so much.
The clock's purpose has expired. It has ended

He noticed that there were always flies
flying around nearby him.
In the mirror in his room,
that face he had become familiar with
suddenly became unrecognizable,

like the darkness he had met when he was a child
The clock's purpose has expired. It has ended.

彼女は決めた 強く誓った 
今日から消して 歳をとらな
白い光の中 何をするでもなく
耳を澄まして ただそこにいた

時計の役目は終わった 終わった

彼は気づいた いつでもハエが
彼の周りを 飛んでいること
部屋の鏡の中 見慣れたその顔が
誰だか急に わからなくなる

魔物が背中にあらわる  あらわる

時計の役目は終わった 終わった

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