Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yura Yura Teikoku - Good morning, not yet.

We wake up as they go to sleep
While we climb into bed, they wake up
We friends in the opposite world are many
The stars which decorate the night sky extinguish themselves
While the sun rises again, they still sleep
We friends in the opposite world are yet unseen
We search for the night, and pass through the throbbing
After abandoning everything, it resounds faintly
The beat knocks on your window.

Good morning,
not yet.
Good morning,
not yet.

Somebody smiles, somebody laughs
Somewhere a voice of laughter, somewhere sadness.
We friends in the opposite world
Ahh, again. Without seeking anything. Without any expectations.
After abandoning everything, we carry on still.
The beat knocks on your window.

ぼくらが起きる と彼らは眠る

ぼくらが眠りだすころ に彼らは起きる

地球の裏にはいる 友だち たくさん

夜空をかざる 星たちが消える

朝日がまたのぼるころ に彼らは眠る

地球の裏にはいる 友だち まだ見ぬ

夜をさがして ときめきを越えて

すべてをあきらめたあとで かすかに響く

ビートがノックをする 君の窓を






誰かが笑う 誰かが悲しむ

どこかで笑いあう声 どこかで悲しみ

地球の裏にはいる 友だち

ああ もう 何も求めず 何も期待せず

全てをあきらめたあとで まだまだ続く

ビートがノックをする 君の窓を



gaby said...

thanks for posting this

hovis said...

amazing. i know it's been years, but have you ever translated "Evil Car?" really want to know what it's about :(